by Kendall Buchanan (Sonny's cousin who plays bass guitar)

In 1978, Sonny decided on a pilgrimage back to Ossining, New York, the place of his birth, childhood, and adolescence. It was there that I continued a musical study with him that had started some three years before. In 1981, I became a member of the first (post- Sonny-and-Linda) Sonny Sharrock Band. 

My stint in the band lasted until 1987. For many of those years we worked as a power trio and later on as a quartet. Between those years ('81-'87), my role as bassist for Sonny was twofold. One role, of course, was playing gigs; the other, however, as I reflect on those years, was one of far more importance. Regularly, Sonny's routine was to call me over to his house to woodshed on "Real Book" changes (since I was from Ossining also, this was very convenient). This would almost always end up being workout sessions for ideas Sonny had for new songs, and we would eventually perform these songs live and record them as well. The years that I speak of ("the obscure era"), although probably not his best in terms of band caliber, were certainly his most formidable in terms of composition and new direction. A large percentage of Sonny's recent work had its origins in those early workout sessions in Ossining during that "obscure era." 

The spirit of these masterpieces shall live on in my heart and soul. To have contributed in this way to one of the greatest guitarists of all time is a cherished blessing. 

Allow the music of Sonny Sharrock to enter your heart. Although the master is gone, the music is very much alive.