"…I don't think that 'first' is important, I think it's that it's the first time for you… I mean, that's what originality is all about, because the first sound made was all the music that's ever gonna be played, that's it, that sound, the first sound made had all the notes that there are, so there's nothing about being the first. But being original has to do with it never having been done this way …"
"I've had guys come up to me… and tell me how they were inventing new horns to get a new sound. But they never said anything about getting some new feeling… I'd ask those people, 'Don't forget the feeling. The music is about feeling.' …You have to think like Coltrane, you know, and just say, 'I'm gonna blow my heart out in this horn – every night.' And that's what music should be about."

~ Sonny Sharrock

"Sweet Butterfingers"

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Here is one wonderful story, submitted by Angelo Falanga (AngeloFalanga@hotmail.com):

"I took musician Frank Stokes to your site to see the Sonny Sharrock on-line book. Frank had told me about an accident he had back before I met him that left him deaf in one ear. Frank spoke of this with great feeling, how he went to see Sonny Sharrock at The Knitting Factory, taking a seat directly in front of Mr. Sharrock, literally at his feet and directly in front of Mr. Sharrock's amps. After the show Frank could hear again, and his ear hasn't troubled him since. Frank said, 'He fixed my ear, and then it was like all of a sudden he was gone.'"