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Choices & opinions in this publication are entirely personal, with primary focus on the miraculous art form known as jazz (meaning original, creative, heartfelt, improvised music that embraces & extends the tradition ~ or as John Birks "Dizzy" Gillespie put it, "You've got to keep one foot in the past & the other in the future").  Please double~check all information before acting on it, since mistakes & changes do happen.  Phone numbers shown without area codes are (212). The newsletter is divided into 3 sections:  (1) special announcements & survival news (though creative endeavor is inherently non~competitive except with oneself, a few contests are sometimes listed among the survival announcements because they offer significant prize money to winners); (2) continuous events; (3) upcoming events.  Events are listed in order of chronology first, then time, then alphabetically by venue within NYC, then (last) out of town.

In this conformist society, many today make careers as imitators, in music negotiating their way neatly through charts & copying other people's solos, sounds, & styles; often they receive strong support from political, social & corporate powers seeking to appropriate cultural riches that belong to others, or to kill what they do not & cannot own.  Meanwhile, many living masters with original voices, true creativity, & real passion struggle on in relative obscurity, trying to add something new to what has already been said in the music.  To quote Billie Holiday, if you aren't being original, "It's close~order drill or exercise or yodeling or something, but not music."  By this definition, wherever possible, only authentic musicians are listed herein.

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